Squirrels come in many different sizes and colors. Yet, they tend to have just about the same traits when it comes to invading your home. A squirrel presence in your home usually goes a bit like this; It starts out by hearing a weird noise in your house one night. You write it off with thoughts like, ‘I don’t know this house just makes noises’. Then, it starts to get more consistent and seems to be coming from within your walls, until you can almost sense their pattern of movements by their noises. Yet again, you settle in for the night and that annoying scratching within the walls starts. Now you are really convinced that you have a problem.

Squirrels can hide out in your walls or attic to find shelter from the elements and maybe even a new food source. If they find a place cozy enough they will begin to nest. That is when the chewing, scratching and noise making starts. If they are able to nest they may even start breeding into a full infestation.

The first step to preventing a squirrel infestation is to seal up the exterior of your home. These sneaky rodents can fit into small cracks and crevasses in your siding, foundation, roof, chimney and more. They are on a search for shelter and food. Once they have gained access they will nest and chew through wood, wiring, insulation and sheet rock. They will try to stay out of sight and in places where you are less likely to be bothered by them because you will have very little interaction with them.

There are a few DIY tricks to try and eliminate squirrels in your attic. However, they are not guaranteed and can be dangerous for you and your family. It is best to call a squirrel control professional who can find and eliminate these rodent pests. They will also be able to assess any damage they may have caused, figure out how they got in and help you to prevent them from returning.

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