Did you wake up with horrible red rashy bumps? Have you found dried blood stains on your sheets and pillowcases? Or worse, did you find some bugs in your bed? I know what you’re feeling. It is horrifying to find bed bugs. When you realize that bugs are eating you while you sleep, there is no way you’re going to sleep in that bed again. And, now you’re faced with the question, “how do I get rid of these bugs?” ChemTec Pest Control, New Jersey’s Bed Bug Specialists, offer some advice to calm your fears.

The stigma attached to bed bugs makes this insect a nightmare to deal with. No one wants giant hoses coming out of their windows, and large hazmat looking devices littered on their lawn. It is especially sensitive if you live in an apartment complex. Many residents that find bed bugs, hesitate to call property managers, for fear that they’ll be subject to invasive procedures and public humiliation. ChemTec understands the stigma attached to these bugs. And, even though this stigma is unwarranted, they have geared their procedures to be discreet and less invasive than what other companies offer.

When a call comes in for a bed bug infestation–which is happening more and more every year–ChemTec dispatches a tech professional, who does a thorough inspection of the infested dwelling. Mattresses and box springs are covered with a bite-proof covering that seals bed bugs in–and out. Then, treatment is planned. Treatments and inspections work to completely eradicate eggs, larvae, and any living bugs in the residence or business. The entire process is done inside away from the prying eyes of neighbors and passersby.

This process works so well, ChemTec offers a 6 month bed bug guarantee. If you find bed bug activity within 6 months of the final treatment, your property or home will be re-treated at no cost to you. You’ll have peace of mind from the very first visit.

Whether you own your own home, live in an apartment, or manage an apartment complex, this kind of discreet, effective treatment of bed bugs is the right way to go. You have worked hard to build your reputation. Don’t let these bugs taint it. For exterminations, year round proactive protection from bed bugs, go with a company that will get rid of these bugs quietly, like ChemTec Pest Control.