Seeing ants active inside your home this time of the year signifies an overwintering ant colony or colonies. Having ants in the winter is a warning sign that there are also likely ants around the property during the warm weather months. It is important for us to identify the type of ant and where they are foraging for food or water. This will help us choose the best corrective measure, treating the source directly, using the least amount of insecticide necessary. Our goal is to identify the ant colony inside the home and outside the home as well. This will help us to eliminate the entire colony or colonies of ants and keep your home ant free, no matter what time of the year.

There are a lot of DIY ant control products out there on the market these days. Customers should not self-treat with store bought insecticides. This will only panic the colony, causing it to relocate, and possibly branching out into several colonies. Depending on the type of ants, they can cause damage to your home and further contaminate your food and water sources.

After the ants have been eliminated from your home, the exterior of the property will need to be inspected during the warmer months to seek out other sources of ant issues, such as carpenter ants in yard trees, or carpenter ants trailing into the home via tree branches touching the house. Smaller ants can be present in mulch beds, wood piles or other landscape areas.

At ChemTec Pest Control we will work with you to set up a plan to eliminate any winter ant problems in your home. Then we will work with you to establish a set plan of action for your home and property to ensure that these small ants do not return. Keep in mind, a one time service now is only putting a band aid on a more serious problem. By not being on a year round plan, the ants will most likely return next summer and fall. Pheromones left by the previous ant trails would direct ants right back to previously infested areas. Treatments don’t last forever. Checking your property each spring is imperative in preventing and controlling ant infestations! Contact us today to learn more about our ant control services.