Pests are a problem for everyone, for people living in New Jersey, for people living in other parts of the country and for people all across the world. It seems like eliminating and controlling insects is a problem that will never go away, and while today’s technology and advancements have made insect control more effective, bugs still are crawling around everywhere. So what else can we do to help reduce and control the insect population? Well, maybe the answer is dinner! Yes, I said dinner! It has been said that maybe the answer to the insect problem could be to harvest them as a source of food. Not only will this help to reduce pest insect populations, but it may also be a more eco-friendly form of protein.

Believe it or not that topic has been researched and there are people out there that are very passionate about eating bugs. Bug eating enthusiasts say it really shouldn’t be that abstract since we do already consume lobster, shrimp and crabs which are arthropods just like insects. But even so, it probably will take some time before bug eating becomes mainstream and bug burgers appear on the menus of the local fast food joints. However, in case you are curious and would like to try out a recipe or two apparently stink bugs, despite their name make a delicious pate and taco; and while I don’t know for sure I’m sure other insects could be substituted if you aren’t a stink bug fan!

And while yes, this may seem silly to many people, it is quite common in other parts of the world to eat insects. People living Africa, Japan, and many other countries routinely prepare and eat bugs. And some scientists and researchers are saying that by eating bugs you could actually help to save the planet. Producing farm animals for food can use a lot of energy and produce a lot of gas emissions, like methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia. It is being researched that producing and eating insects uses a lot less resources and produces less side effects for the environment. So while this may not be something that many people are looking into very seriously right now, don’t rule out eating cockroach burritos in the future!

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New Idea to Reduce Global Warming: Everyone Eat Insects

But for all of you who would like to stick to more traditional forms of pest control, don’t worry, we’re still here for you!