So you think you have a veracious wood eating presence in your home or on your property? Can’t seem to figure out whether its carpenter ants or termites? Here are some ways to determine what really is causing your problems.

If you happen to be lucky enough to spot on of the actual perpetrators, carpenter ants and termites look quite different. Carpenter ants are a dark colored ant. They range from any shade of dark red to black and they are quite obviously an ant. They have bent antennae and an itty bitty waist. Their body is hard. They do have two sets of wings. The front wings are longer than the back ones, and their body is segmented into three parts.

Subterranean termites, which are the most common type of termites to invade homes are divided up into three different groups.

  • Workers- non-winged, soft, cream colored body.
  • Soldiers- non-winged, brown heads with cream colored bodies.
  • Reproductives- winged with dark brown bodies.

The ‘reproductives’ have two sets of wings that are just about equal in size. Their light colored body has a wide waist, making it the same size as the rest of their bodies. A pair of straight antennae adorn their heads.

Termites nest underground. They feed on the inside of moist wood and are rarely seen. The winged reproductive that you may see are a small percentage of the potential termite population that you are or will be dealing with. Here are some signs that point to a termite presence:

  • Painted walls that appear to be blistered or splintered
  • Piles of discarded wings under doors and windows that winged termites have left behind
  • Walls and structural wood sounding hollow when tapped
  • Mud tubes in the ground (approx. the width of pencil) heading towards your home

Carpenter ants also tunnel into wood. But, they leave different clues around than termites. The most obvious sign is to actually see them in your home. You may notice piles of wood shavings on the ground beneath wood structures. It is possible to hear them moving about inside wood.

No matter which perpetrator you deem that you have, your next step is to call a professional. These guys are not something that you just want to let stay. They will not go away on their own. The damage will only get worse and their numbers will just increase. Here at ChemTec we will inspect your home and property and find out just which culprit is moving in and destroying. Our friendly pest control professionals will find the best and safest way to rid you of these destructive pests.

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