Students are returning to college campuses and so are bed bugs. Top-rated Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina filed the fall’s first campus bed bug report. On Monday, the Winston-Salem Journal reported that evidence of bed bug infestations were found in 2% of the university’s 1,700 dorm rooms during a pre-opening pest control check of university housing. Hoping to avoid the bed bug infestation that plagued Wake Forest dorms last fall, the affected rooms were promptly treated by licensed pest control professionals.

In Madison, Wisconsin, housing officials at the University of Wisconsin are warning students to avoid taking home discarded mattresses and furniture that might harbor bed bugs. Before bed bugs started their march across America, thrifty students often furnished their apartments with discarded second-hand furniture found along curbsides or left near dumpsters. These days, NJ pest control experts warn that students risk infesting their apartment or dorm room with bed bugs if they bring home found items.

To help protect students from bed bug infestations on college campuses, Protect-A-Bed, a leading manufacturer of bed bug-proof bedding products, now offers a Student Bedding Protection Kit specifically designed to protect extra-long dorm-sized twin mattresses. The kit includes a bed bug-proof mattress encasement, a mattress protector and bed bug-proof pillow protector. Through September 2, 2011, students and parents can enter Protect-A-Bed’s Back to School Giveaway to win bed bug-proof bedding items by visiting the company’s website or Facebook page.

NJ pest control experts recommend that the parents of college students take the precaution of protecting their home bedding from possible bed bug infestation by installing Protect-A-Bed mattress covers, available from ChemTec. Should your college student be exposed to bed bugs at school, bed bug-proof mattress encasements will protect your home bedding from bed bug infestation if these nasty insects follow their student home during a weekend visit. Please contact ChemTec Pest Control, a longtime New Jersey pest control company for more information or to order your Protect-A-Bed mattress encasement.