Unless you have been living in a cave for the past decade or so then you have, no doubt, heard that the incidence of bed bug infestation is on the rise here in America.  What is less widely known is that many of the old wives fables concerning these bugs are simply not true.  One of the biggest untrue tales about bed bugs is that they will only infest filthy unkempt homes.  The truth is that bed bugs will infest any home, dorm, hospital, hotel, taxi, plane, bus, boat, and laundry mat where they can find a meal. Since their favorite meal is human blood, these creatures can be found anywhere people can be found!
Another tale to debunk is that bed bugs hang out in beds.  Well, actually, this tale is partially true.  Typically bed bugs are first discovered in or around beds, but only because they are nocturnal and feed at night.  And people are usually found in beds at night!  It’s that simple!  During the day bed bugs hide out in any small nook and cranny they can find.  They actually love to hide out in electrical outlets and electrical equipment like DVD players, TV’s, etc. in hopes of remaining undetected.
So what exactly is the 411 on these pesky elusive little creatures?  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Bed bugs are small reddish/brown insects that resemble apple seeds with legs.  They cannot fly, and they do not jump.  These pests travel from place to place by hitching a ride in or on anything they can crawl upon.  This means that your shoes, pant cuffs, computer bag, purse, etc. are all fair game to be used as a free taxi by these bugs.  You don’t need many bugs to invade in order to begin an infestation.  In fact, the egg doesn’t even need a ‘mother’ in order to hatch and grow.  It is fully capable of making it on its own from the word ‘hatch’!  The most obvious sign of a bed bug infestation is waking with little bites that resemble mosquito bites; however, instead of a single bite, these creatures usually bite multiple times either in a group or in a linear pattern.  After discovering bites, victims will usually find small black blood or fecal spots on sheets and mattresses or discarded shell cases in and around the bed.  During severe infestations, you may even notice black streaks running down your wall from electrical outlets.
The most important thing to know about bed bug infestations is that they are extremely difficult to eradicate without the assistance of a professional pest control company.  That is where ChemTec comes in.  Here at ChemTec, our trained and certified technicians are patient and will completely investigate and exterminate bed bugs.  With the use of three timely applications, these creatures don’t stand a chance.  In fact, we offer a six-month guarantee.  If you discover bed bugs after our third application within a six-month period, we will return and target the active area and re-treat free of charge.  We also offer (and suggest the use of) Protect-A-Bed mattress and box spring encasements.  These are a great tool in the fight against bed bugs.  And, if you require year-round proactive protection against these tiny creatures, we offer that too!
If bed bugs find their way into your home or business give ChemTec a call today.  Our highly trained and certified technicians are able to respond quickly and discreetly and will have that infestation dealt with before you know it.