It is a heart-wrenching fact that do-it-yourself bed bug control can end with loss of property, but as bed bug infestations continue to increase in numbers and frequency, stories of apartments, motels, hotels, houses and more, being damaged and lost by DIY heat treatments, are also increasing in number.

Dealing with bed bugs is a tricky prospect.  These creatures are very elusive and require trained, educated, specialists to eradicate them.  Here’s why.  Bed bugs are experts at hiding.  They can climb into areas that the aerosol can you bought at the hardware store just can’t reach.  Places like inside your television, wall outlets, wall voids, etc. If the source of these creatures is not found, you may kill a few; but the infestation will be back in a matter of weeks when the remaining bed bugs sound the “all clear” and venture out of their safe hiding spots. Besides, even the use of pesticides can be a dangerous thing if the person handling them is not thoroughly trained in their proper application.

When these blood-eating bugs are discovered, please don’t take matters into your own hands. We understand the trauma and embarrassment bed bugs can cause. This is a pest that can push anyone to his or her limits. But, DIY measures only prolong the suffering or create the potential for catastrophic loss.

Here at ChemTec Pest Control, our technicians are certified in industry-leading techniques that control and eradicate bed bugs. These strict protocols, set forth by national experts, ensure that all bed bugs are completely gone. In fact, we guarantee your home will be free of bed bugs for 6 months after our treatment is completed.  If they return, so will we!

When it comes to exterminating bed bugs, you can trust ChemTec. Out of more than 22,000 pest control companies in the U.S., less than 3% are qualified to be designated as QualityPro Certified–and ChemTec is one of them. Our team knows what works, and most importantly, they know what is safe. When you need targeted and effective eradication of bed bugs in your home or business, ChemTec Pest Control has the solution. Schedule a free inspection and let’s start the process of getting rid of those bugs together.