A new year with the potential for new pest infestations, including bed bugs!

If you’re a parent, you may have mixed emotions about this time of year. With the kids heading back to school, you may either love this season or hate it! Either way, as a parent with a child in school, you need to be aware of bed bugs. Kids are known for spreading germs to one another, but something most parents don’t think about is that kids can spread bed bugs to one another too!  The Bergen county exterminators at ChemTec would like to remind you that with kids headed back to school this fall, you need to be on the offensive to make sure your kids don’t bring bed bugs home along with their homework.

What can you do to prevent a full blown bed bug infestation brought home by your kids from school? Use this check list to make sure you’ve taken the appropriate precautions for avoiding a bed bug infestation inside your home:

  • Check with your child’s school to find out what kind of bed bug protocol they have in place. Will they notify parents? Will an exterminator be called in? Knowing how they deal with bed bugs can help give you peace of mind that your child will be less likely to bring bed bugs home.
  • Remind your child not to share or borrow clothing.  If your child should come home with a piece of clothing you don’t recognize, wash it immediately on the hot wash cycle and then dry it on the highest heat setting.  This can kill any bed bugs that may be present on the garment.
  • Examine any items your child brings home from school. Regularly check their backpack for signs of bed bugs.
  • Educate your children on what bed bugs look like. Make sure they have seen pictures of these pests and remind them that if they should see bugs that look like bed bugs at school, at friends houses or even on the bus, they should let you know

By following this check list, you can limit your chance of having to deal with bed bugs brought home by kids. Unfortunately, the nature of bed bugs means they can be quite difficult to detect, even by following the suggestions on our check list. If you should discover bed bugs inside your home, don’t panic. Calling a bed bug exterminator like the pros at ChemTec can quickly help you identify the extent of the problem and then we can offer treatments to get rid of bed bugs that have become established inside your home.

Don’t let the worry or fear of bed bugs interfere with everyday life or activities. Don’t be paranoid or stressed about the prospect of bed bugs; just simply remind your family (and yourself) that these pests can come into your home at any time and catching them when the problem is still small usually means that a full-blown infestation will be avoided.

For more information on NJ bed bug control services provided by the professionals at ChemTec please give us a call today. Our exceptional bed bug treatments can eliminate bed bugs quickly, reducing any worries you may have about these pests and allowing you to rest easy at night, knowing that your property is protected.