Summertime is in full swing and everyone is booking their summer vacations.  I’m sure the last thing that you ever want to think about when you travel is bed bugs…but you should.  Bed bugs are on the rise and can appear at any place that you visit.  One misconception about bed bug infestations is that they only can be found in dirty establishments.  This is completely untrue.  With the ease of domestic and world travel, bed bugs can be found in the finest hotels, on airplanes, cruise ships, in taxi-cabs and just about anyplace else you can think of.  Bed bugs can even be found when visiting a friend or family member.  Being that some people do not have a reaction from their bite, some businesses or homes might not even know that they have these nighttime pests lurking about.

It is important to check your surroundings before you unpack your bags when you travel.  Here are a few important travel tips that I use when I travel to a hotel, beach house, or even someone’s home.

The bed is the perfect place to start to look for bed bugs, their fecal spots or their bloody spots.  Thoroughly check the entire mattress for signs of bugs including along the edge of the mattress and the area where the mattress tag is.  If you see rust colored spots, there is a good chance that there is or was a bed bug infestation in the room.  View our bed bugs pictures to see what bed bugs look like.

Please check back on Monday for more important bed bug travel information.