Studies show that some people attract mosquitoes more than others. Are you one of them? Knowing this can help you avoid bites this summer. Let’s take a quick look at the problem from a slightly different perspective and see what we can learn.

Picture this scene:

Two men sitting on a back porch next to a smoking grill enjoying a cold beverage in the afternoon sun.

“Sandy set me up with a blind date the other night.”


“She has these beautiful thin legs that go all the way up to here–the loveliest legs you ever saw. Sure she’s a bit of a bloodsucker, but I think I can change her.”

“So, how’d the date go?”

“I know she’s into athletes–she thinks they’re hot. So I made sure to run around the block before I picked her up.”

“Good thinking.”

“She has a bit of a vision problem, so I wore dark colors. That way, she wouldn’t lose me when we got out on the dance floor.”

“Did it work?”

“Worked like a charm. Not that we ever got too far apart. Once we were on the dance floor, I could see she was totally into my moves. I have this thing I do where I swing my arms quickly from side to side and make a lot of movement. She locked right in on me.”

“That worked, huh?”

“Yeah. She was eating it up. And, once she got close, I knew things were going to go really well. Sandy told me she has a thing for guys with a sweet scent. So, I made sure to use lots of cologne, shampoo, and hand cream.”


“When a slow song came on, she was like white on rice. I could tell she was picking up the heat from my body and her eyes kept staring at the sweat on my neck. I’m pretty sure she has a thing for sweat. But even without those things, we had this chemistry, you know? Almost like we were made for each other.”

“So, was there any weirdness?”

“There was this one thing. When we were dancing close, she always wanted to be on the side where my face was; sort of like she was into my breath or something. Sandy says she digs carbon dioxide. It’s a little weird, but I figure–she is a mosquito after all.”

Unlike the guy in our story, if you think attracting mosquitoes is a bad thing, try making yourself less attractive. And, look into mosquito abatement from ChemTec Pest Control. Fewer mosquitoes in your yard means fewer bites. Give it a shot and see what you think.