This succulent dish will have your family coming back for more with its moist, bug-free filling and flaky rodentless crust. Lightly browned and free of moths, your mouth will water with each ant-free bite.


1 dry and well ventilated pantry

1 or more trash cans with sealed lids

1/2 tablespoon of soap in the sink and 1 gallon of water

1 mop

1/4 cup of disinfectant

2 watchful eyes

1 vacuum

2 hands

10 fingers

1 strong back

1/2 pint of common sense


To prepare a Pest-Free Thanksgiving, first go shopping for pantry items. Use the two watchful eyes to check packages for holes, tears, or rips. Pantry pests, like moths, beetles and roaches, ride their way into your pantry using paper and boxed goods. Once you have your items home, prepare to put them in your pantry. Use the two hands and ten fingers to check for any out-of-date pantry items and remove them. Bugs, rodents, and roaches can smell rotting food at a substantial distance, this will lure them in through the walls.

Apply the 1 dry and well-ventilated pantry to the Pest-Free Thanksgiving to keep moths, beetles, and roaches away. Mix in 1 mop, 1 strong back and 1/4 cup of disinfectant to keep the pantry floor and other floors in your home free from the bacteria that bugs and rodents are so fond of.

Use the 1 vacuum to get crumbs off the rug. Insects enjoy food that has fallen and some insects, like the ant, will return to their colony and inform the others that a food source has been found.

Use the sealed trash cans for all discarded food. Rodents eat rotting food, and bugs lay their eggs in it. If decaying food is kept in a sealed can, you’ll ensure the most pest-free dish imaginable.

Lastly, apply the common sense. This will allow you to detect ways you may be leaving food sources for pests, such as pet food left out longer than mealtime, jelly stuck to the edge of the fridge, ketchup on the counter by the sink, stacks of dishes not kept in soapy water, grime on the sides of the oven, etc.

There you have it. Pest-Free Thanksgiving. A recipe that will make your family want to come back time and time again, and a delightful dish you’ll pass down for future generations to enjoy as well.

Bon Appetite!