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Honey bees

Honey bees are golden yellow in color with brown stripes. Their body is oval in shape and adults can grow up to ½ of an inch in length. They are social insects that live in colonies and are responsible for pollinating more than 100 crops throughout the United States. Honey bees only sting once, and are the only social insects whose colony can survive many years.

Bumble bees

Bumble bees are black in color with yellow stripes, and have a “fuzzy” appearance. They have an oval shaped body and adults can grow up to one inch in length. Bumble bees are fairly even tempered and will only defend their nests by chasing their invaders and stinging them, if they feel threatened.

Are bees dangerous?

Yes, bees can be dangerous because they have the ability to sting. A sting from a bee can be very painful and the venom that they inject can cause allergic reactions in some people. An allergic reaction can be life threatening and will require medical attention. It should be noted that bees are much less aggressive than other stinging insects, like wasps. Bees will generally only sting if they are accidentally stepped on, handled, or their colony is directly threatened.

What’s attracting bees to my property?

Bees are attracted to properties that provide them with food, water, and nesting locations. Properties that have a lot of flowering trees, bushes, and flowering plants will attract bees to feed on their nectar. Pools, bird baths, ornamental ponds, and other water fixtures will also attract bees to your property.

Can I get rid of bees on my own?

No, you should not try to eliminate bees from your property on your own. While bees are not super aggressive, they do have the ability to sting and cause allergic reactions in some people.

It is also important to remember that honey bees are a protected species that should only be handled and removed by a qualified beekeeper.

Can ChemTec get rid of bees?

ChemTec can help you get rid of bees from your property by scheduling a qualified beekeeper to come and remove any hives. The honey bee is an agriculturally protected pest that is beneficial to the environment, therefore it is important that they are preserved and relocated to a more suitable location. Before the beekeeper is contacted, a trained technician from ChemTec will come to your home and perform an inspection, locate the hive or hives, and determine what species has decided to call your property their home.

Bee prevention tips

Stopping bees from deciding to nest on your property can be difficult, but there are some things that you can do to help make it not so inviting.

Bee prevention tips include:

  • Limiting the amount of flowering landscaping that you have located on your property, especially that is located near your home.

  • Reduce areas of standing water by making sure your gutters are working properly, and that low lying areas in your lawn that collect water are fixed. Place bird bath, and ornamental water fixtures a distance away from your home.

  • Make sure that your chimney has a tight fitting cap on it, and that any gaps or holes in the exterior of your home are fixed. This will help to stop them from choosing to nest within your home.

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