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Ants in New Jersey: They’re Baaaaaack!

The official start to spring is March 20th, which means that sooner or later we will be saying sayonara to the chilly 40-degree days and hello to some much warmer spring days. But unfortunately one thing that often accompanies the spring season in New Jersey is the onset of ant problems. You know, the ants that begin to wander about through your kitchen as soon as we have a nice warm day?…

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Ants In January?

Believe it or not, with the recent weather we’ve been having, you could be seeing ants in your house any day now. Ants in January? Doesn’t seem quite right, does it? But with the balmy temps and the rainy weather, ants in New Jersey have been emerging much earlier than expected, possibly thinking that spring has arrived. As nice as that would be, spring is still more than 2…

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Could Carpenter Ants Be Invading Your NJ Home?

Each spring and summer homeowners start to see the signs of ants among many other pests. It is never enjoyable to spot an ant, or a group of ants in your home. They are a major nuisance to have around due to their endless searches for food sources. Although many ants are harmless, some ants like the carpenter ant prove to be more of a threat.

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Are Ants Bugging You Already?

It may still be cold in the air and there may still be snow on the ground, but spring will be here before we know it. As the temperatures start to warm up and the spring season begins, many will find insects and bugs of all types waking up from their winter hibernation. But what if you are already seeing ants inside your New Jersey home?

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