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Enjoy A Pest Free Labor Day!

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to have a barbecue, but are you ready for the BBQ Crashers? We're not talking about the college kids that might try to stroll into your festive occasion, eat some tasty hot dogs, and pretend like they're a friend of someone you know. We're talking about those yard pests that come spreading illness. Here is a short list of the repeat offenders and a few…

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Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Thinking you have bed bugs and thinking your car is about to run out of gas have one thing in common—they both need immediate action. He who runs out of gas will be walking and he who has bed bugs will be scratching. Most people have either been exposed to bed bugs, are currently exposed to bed bugs or will be exposed to them in the future. These pesky bugs are prevalent and can be found…

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Want To Really Rodent Proof Your NJ Home?

Rodents are made to chew. Their incisors never stop growing and they are strong enough to chew through steel mesh. This can make keeping them out of your home a frustrating task--especially if they are motivated to get in.

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NJ Mice And Rat Problems Increasing

Rodent problems are no fun to say the least and are an increasing issue lately around Bergen County and throughout New Jersey. The good news, rats and mice can be controlled with professional help!

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