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What You May Not Know About Fruit Flies

What do you know about the humble fruit fly, besides the fact that they drive you nuts and breed like crazy? Are you aware that your home can be completely fly free and still get an infestation of fruit flies? Do you know that some of the fruits you purchase from the grocery store already have eggs on them? These are fairly common facts. But we're betting that the fact that we are about to…

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5 Questions with Mary Vongas

Our president, Mary Vongas, sat down with PMP, Pest Management Professional and answered 5 questions about the industry.

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Fall's Most Unwanted Pests

Fall is almost here. That means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the change of the leaves. But brightly colored leaves and tasty meals aren't the only things that come with fall. Fall is when certain bugs and wildlife get the notion that living in your home might be better than living outside. Here are a few of the repeat offenders.

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Why Aren't These Mouse Traps Working?

It is an age old tradition! You see a mouse scamper across the baseboards of your kitchen and let out a scream. Your poor husband comes running thinking that he is about to find you severely maimed or dead, and instead he sees you standing on the kitchen chair hopping up and down so hysterical you can’t even speak. Your husband, being the hero he is, captures the rodent and puts it out…

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