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Ready Or Not, Fall Pests Are On Their Way

Whether you're ready or not, they're coming. It happens each fall in the New Jersey area. Bugs start getting the strange notion that they can live in your house. And, that you're okay with that. Actually, they're just motivated by the cold. They've had all summer to build their numbers, and now they're ready to storm your castle to escape the coming frost. Here are some of the bugs you can expect…

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Are Spiders In NJ Getting Bigger?

A new study reveals that spiders in urban areas are getting larger. That's right! Giant spiders are attacking the city! Hide your babies, and your foo foo dogs! But, before we allow mass hysteria to kick in--though it is quite possibly too late--let's examine the science.

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Why Mice Enjoy Autumn

If you have open trash, construction materials, pools of water, or wood piles near your house, mice will come in close enough to get curious about what is inside. Their curiosity grows, as the air gets colder.

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Wasps In NJ Get Worse In The Fall

If you've lived in New Jersey for any length of time, you know this is true. When fall comes, wasps seem to be everywhere. They especially like buzzing around your house. Have you ever wondered why? Here is the skinny on wasps.

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