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A Recipe For Success: Planning A Pest Free Thanksgiving

This succulent dish will have your family coming back for more with its moist, bug-free filling and flaky rodentless crust. Lightly browned and free of moths, your mouth will water with each ant-free bite. 

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What Spiders Want

Spiders want what all insects want: a food source, a watering hole, and a place to raise a family. Your goal as a homeowner should be to keep them from finding these. Stick with me for a minute, and I'll show you how to reduce these factors and help you keep those spiders away.

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Do Your Holiday Travel Plans Include Bed Bugs?

For most people, Thanksgiving is a time of traveling. It may be an hour to the north or south, or as far as the other side of the world. If you're visiting family, be sure to exclude bed bugs from your holiday plans. The last thing you want to do is stay in a local hotel/motel and carry a bed bug with you to the festivities. A single female can have over 4000 babies in a six month period. Since…

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How Proactive Pest Control Saves Your Home From Fall Pests

There are a whole host of critters that want to enter your home when the temperature starts to drop. Some common fall invaders are: stink bugs, box elder bugs, lady bugs, spiders, mice and rats. But no two homes are the same. You may fight with spiders and rats, while two streets over they're fighting with stink bugs, ladybugs and mice. Just as no two homes are the same, no two treatments…

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