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Which Is Worse, Termites Or Carpenter Ants?

It is never good to have hundreds of insects chewing away at the wood of your home, but in the grand scheme of things, which is worse: termites or carpenter ants? If we were to judge purely on size, carpenter ants would be the clear winner. But it is best if we don't jump to any rash conclusions. An issue as important as this demands close, and unbiased, consideration. So, let's break it…

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Tick Prevention Tips For NJ Residents

Spring and summer proves to be the most desired time of the year for most residents of New Jersey. Sad to say, the year is also showing signs of a heavier than normal infestation of ticks. The thought of outdoor sports, activities and camping brings with it much trepidation. No one wants to be bitten by a bloodthirsty tick; especially one that could possibly be transmitting dreaded…

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Tick Borne Illness In New Jersey

Spring events encompass a variety of outdoor activities from yard work and landscaping to BBQs, camping and hiking. Families have looked forward to these fun-filled activities with great anticipation after such a long, arduous winter. However, there is one looming thought that can quickly put a damper on things. The very thought of a small, blood thirsty tick attaching and helping itself to a…

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Are You Ready For Mosquitoes This Summer?

Just as the sweet song of birds marks the beginning of spring, the song of mosquitoes marks the beginning of summer. It isn't that mosquitoes aren't out in the spring. It is more a matter of numbers. The more mosquitoes in the air, the more chance you'll hear their beautiful song. It goes a little something like this: "Bzzzzzzzzz. Bzz. bzzzzzzzzz." Lovely, isn't it? What? You're not a fan? I…

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