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black widow spider spinning web

23 November

What You Need To Know About Poisonous Spiders in New Jersey

If you own a home in New Jersey it is important to be aware of the creatures that can get into your home, especially if those creatures can harm you. In this article we are going to look at poisonous spiders. Fortunately, we really have only two…

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flea up close on a gray background

20 November

Understanding Fleas

There are very few pests that drive homeowners any crazier than fleas. These incessant biting pests seem to just pop up everywhere. Even if you don’t have pets, your home can fall prey to them. Once they are in, it’s ridiculously…

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checking termite station

17 November

Your House. How Precious Is It To You?

A home is a big investment; probably the biggest investment any of us will ever make.

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mice found on kitchen counters

11 November

Worst Winter Pest In New Jersey

What is the pest most likely to invade your home as temperatures drop to freezing? We'll give you a hint: they have fur, sharp teeth, and leave their feces in your walls, attic spaces, drawers, cabinets, pantry--pretty much everywhere. Yup, you…

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mouse with christmas bulb

04 November

Holiday Mice

Many of us have the wrong idea about mice. We see them in holiday cartoons wearing cardigans and French beanies. We see cookies shaped like mice. We see decorations with mice in them. Holiday mice are everywhere. They're on our scarves, they're on…

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roach on food

26 October

Cockroaches With Us Since The Dawn Of Time

It seems cockroaches have been plaguing human beings since the beginning of time.

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