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3 Pests You're Most Likely To Find In The Kitchen

We can all agree that termites are the worst insect to have in your house, but next on the list should be bugs that invade your kitchen. These bugs are nasty, and can potentially create health issues for your family. Let's cover three of the worst kitchen insects, and ways you can keep each of them from invading.

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Help! I Think There's A Raccoon In My House

If you follow the news, it comes as no surprise to you that raccoons are not as cute as most people think they are. "Animal control experts are warning about an outbreak of distemper among wildlife, especially raccoons." "Massachusetts woman is recuperating after a rabid raccoon attacked her in bed." "Woman says two raccoons attacked her in Central Park." "A raccoon viciously attacked a child…

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4 Tips To Prevent A Mouse Infestation This Fall

It is fall again, and that means mice are looking for a nice, warm hole to crawl into. If they are crawling around next to your exterior walls, they might just choose your nice toasty house to wall up in. The best way to keep them out is, to make it frustrating to be near, or in, your home. Here are four tips that will get you there.

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Worried About Dangerous Spiders In NJ?

The hype surrounding the brown recluse spider is actually quite humorous.

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