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Spring is Hiding Something

Spring is a wonderful time filled with laughter and joy, a time made for throwing frisbees and hosting backyard barbecue parties. The snows of winters have all but faded away and smiles can be seen on the face of every boy and girl. Almost everyone is thankful for spring if only just for the warmer weather and absence of snow. But don’t be fooled, spring is filled with hidden miseries…

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Spring Break Embarrassment

Did you have pimples when you were a teen? Have you ever crawled out of bed on the day of an important social event--like a dance or graduation--with a constellation of zits on your face? Have you had to put a Band-Aid on to cover a really bad one because it was better for people to think you were maimed than have them see the big red monstrosity on your face or neck? I think what we can take…

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ChemTec Recognized by Angie's List

The company earned an Angie's List Super Service Award for 2014.

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New Jersey Rodents

Mice are tiny, adorable, cute little fuzz balls, but when you find a wild one scampering along the wall of your kitchen, your wife screaming atop your kitchen table is the least of your problems. Wild mice can pose many threats to your home and family. These rodents bring disease and destruction to your home. Given the right preventative measures, you can stop this furry apocalypse before it…

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