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What Does Green Pest Control Mean?

For the president of ChemTec Pest Control, it goes far beyond standard pest control procedures. It is a way of thinking that has influenced her business practices, her customers, and even her employees.

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Carpenter Ants In Winter? Really?

Yup. Carpenter ants can be active in the winter, if given the right conditions. What are the right conditions? Spring-like temperatures are one. If an indoor nest is near warm pipes, or some other heat source, carpenter ants will be happy to continue burrowing galleries in the wood of your house. But that kind of burrowing takes energy. This is when you'll see them forming a line to get to your…

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Why Rodents Are Bad For Homes And Businesses

Your life is full, isn't it? Do you need even one more thing to worry about? Whether you run a corporate office with 500 employees, or a home with a couple of kids, your plate is full. The last thing you need is unexplainable illness and hard-to-reach property repairs.

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It's Winter. Do I Have Spiders?

Are there really spiders in your house in the dead of winter? Yup. There is a pretty good chance. But not for the reasons you might think. Unlike the mosquito or the bed bug, spiders don't enter your home to feed on your blood. In fact, they generally have no interest to be around you at all. Spiders also have no particular interest in getting out of the cold. They are able to produce a sort of…

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