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Why No One Likes Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests you’ll ever have to deal with. No matter how many of them you squish, swat or smoosh, there’s always hundreds more to take their place. With their buzzing and biting, it’s enough to drive even the most relaxed person buggy.

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Test Your Pest Knowledge With Stinging Insect Trivia

Have you ever been to trivia night at your local pub or favorite bar? If you have, you know how much fun they can be! We wanted to have a little fun too, so we’ve created our own little trivia challenge for you to find out what you know about the stinging insects of summer. No, you don’t need to gather a group of your friends together or create a silly team name to join this challenge…

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How to Tell Difference Between Bees and Wasps

When it comes to identifying bees and wasps, people are easily confused. Several species of bees and wasps are of similar size and share similar black/brown and yellow markings. Because of their stinging nature, when their distinctive buzzing is heard, few people take the time to notice the fine points that differentiate these two stinging insects. Usually people are more concerned with…

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Common Types Of Ants In NJ [Infographic]

If you’ve ever watched the movie, A Bug’s Life, you likely found yourself rooting for Flick and his ant friends. Unfortunately in the real world, ants aren’t all that endearing and in fact can be a major nuisance.

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