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How To Identify Termites In New Jersey

The weather is warming and many pest species are becoming more active causing homeowners to be on the look-out for pest infestations this spring. Some pests are very easy to spot, i.e. black ants marching through your kitchen, while others are much more difficult to spot and identify. Termites are a type of pest species that are often not identified until the damage has already been done…

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ChemTec Offers Spring Pest Prevention Tips

For more information on pest control in Bergen and Passaic county in New Jersey, as well as parts of New York, please give us a call! Offering treatments and programs to get rid of spring pests that are already a problem as well as solutions to prevent pests in the first place. 

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NJ Bed Bug Pros Share Identification Tips

News stories about bed bugs have been all over the television, newspapers and internet for the last several years. However, for many bed bugs are still a misunderstood pest. Keeping bed bugs under control ,especially in public places, is still something that is being struggled with. Keeping bed bugs in check within your home can be a bit easier to do with a Bergen County pest control expert on…

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Could Eating Bugs Be A New Form Of Pest Control?

Pests are a problem for everyone, for people living in New Jersey, for people living in other parts of the country and for people all across the world. It seems like eliminating and controlling insects is a problem that will never go away, and while today’s technology and advancements have made insect control more effective, bugs still are crawling around everywhere.

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