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Skyscrapers In New Jersey Protected From Pests With ChemTec

For commercial pest control in New Jersey and the NYC metro area, you can count on ChemTec Pest Control. Learn how we can protect your product and your brand from flies, rats and other pests!

How To Tell If Mice Are Enjoying Your Home

Have you ever had that feeling that there might be some unwanted house guests creeping around in your walls? One of the most common rodents you may find in your home is a mouse. These small rodents can sneak into your home easily through gaps and cracks on the exterior of your home. They are in search of warm shelter, food and water. If they can find a way into your home and easy access to food, they will multiply quickly, if not dealt with properly. A female house mouse can give birth to up to six babies a week. This is a good reason to educate yourself about these pests and how to eliminate them fast.

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New Jersey Pest Control Services

At ChemTec Pest Control, we've been providing residential and commercial pest control in New Jersey and the NYC Metro Area since 1931.  Our NJ pest control service area consists of several New Jersey counties including Bergen, Passaic and Essex as well as parts of New York State.  For residential and commercial pest control in Bergen county that can protect your home or business from insects and rodents in New Jersey including ants, termites and rats, please contact our Bergen county pest control pros today! 

Common Winter Pest Problems In New Jersey

Winter is officially here, and believe it or not, cooler weather does not mark the end of pest problems! Common New Jersey pests that we encounter in the winter, especially indoors, include box elder bugs, lady bugs, mice and stink bugs.  Be on the lookout for these pests!

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